How to Fix error 5B00 on Canon Printer ip2770

Canon Printer ip2770

Canon Printer ip2770 or other type of canon printer usually requires resetter to restore the setting to the initial. Canon printer must be reset after doing a lot of print activity. If the Canon printer ip2770 want to be reset, usually characterized by blinking orange and green alternately, and on the monitor will appear error code 5B00.

Error 5B00

If you have experienced it. The following I will give you the way how to fix Canon printer ip2770 with error code 5B00. Have a good look at the way that I will describe below :

  1. Turn off the printer and the cable still attached to the printer. 
  2. Press and hold the resume button about two seconds then Press and hold power button 
  3. Release and press resume button again six times, resume and power indicator light will flashing alternately and the printer in reset mode. Run the software resetter for Canon printer 
Power Resume

Insert a piece of paper in to the printer then follow the steps below :
  1. Run the software resetter for Canon Printer ip2770. You can download it here
  2. Press Set button on region
  3. Press Set button on Clear Ink Counter, Printer will running and printing one paper
  4. Press Set button on Ink Absorber Counter, you have successfully reset the printer


by following the steps above correctly, it means you have succeeded fix Canon Pixma ip2770 which had an error 5B00. I hope this simple tutorial can help you to solve your problem, thanks...

Setting BIOS for Installing Operating System

BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is the first code run by PC when powered on. The primary function of the BIOS is to setup the hardware, load and start an Operating System. The first job for BIOS is to initialize and identify system device such as the video graphic adapter, hard disk, Optical Drive,  keyboard, mouse, and others hardware. 

How to access BIOS? When You turn on your computer, press Delete Button then you will enter to the BIOS menu. BIOS Access key is different between a computer and each others, some use F2, F11, F12 and others.

Press Del

Now just Choose boot menu then change the First Boot Device to be CD Room and the second boot is Hard Disk. The aim is for When the computer turned on directly reading CD Room. Press F10 to save the setting, and now your computer is ready installed Operating System.


If steps are done correctly, you just insert the Operating System CD to the CD Room then wait until appear message "Press any key to continue". Follow the message by pressing any key to start Operating System installation process. Then follow the instructions contained.

Thus my simple tutorial, my be useful for those who need it.

How to fix error 5200 of Canon IP2770

I have ever found problem with my Canon IP2770 printer, actually it is normal but if I try to print test the indicator lamp is orange blinking and at the screen show Error 5200. Firstly, I am lazy to overcome the problem but because I need to print my task, I must try to solve the problem. Here is the way that I use to fix error 5200 of canon IP2770 :

Sierra Wireless AT&T USBConnect Driver for Windows 7

yesterday I got a problem with Sierra Wireless AT&T USBConnect modem, I try to Install it on Windows 7 32 bit but I can not be Installed because the Driver does not support Windows 7. Finally, I go to Mr. Google for asking about my problem and the answer is we must download the newest driver for Windows 7 at Sierra Website or You can download Sierra Wireless AT&T USBconnect Driver for Windows 7 by clicking link below :

connecting two computer using crossover cable

This post is continuation from previous post namely How to make crossover cable. Making network computer is not so difficult not as hard as we imagine, it only needs little knowledge about networking. So, if you want to know how to make computer networking using two computers....??? do not stop reading this post. First things must you do is preparing crossover cable and two computers which has a Network Card. The steps are :

How to make crossover cable

Crossover cable is one of solution for connecting two computers without assistance Switch/Hub. But if you want to connect more than two computers you have to use Switch/hub as the terminal. In this case I want to try giving the way to make Crossover cable for connecting two computers. These are the way :

Recovery OS Toshiba Without Changing Drive Partition

If you have a computer or laptop with Original Operating System and recovery System, It can be used to make your Operating System normal if it has trouble anytime. In this case I will tray to explain the way to recovery Laptop Toshiba L510 with original Windows Vista Operating System. In this article I will discuss recovery without changing Partition.